RFL to consider new Bradford offer


The Rugby Football League are to make a decision on whether to accept a new, undisclosed offer for Bradford Bulls.

The offer, submitted to the RFL by administrator Brendan Guilfoyle last Friday, is reportedly larger than the one made by Super League (Europe) Ltd last Thursday.

“I put the offer to the RFL last Friday and they will make their decision later on this afternoon,” said Guilfoyle.

Frustration has grown that the SLE bid has yet to be accepted, with coach Mick Potter declaring that, “the situation needs to be resolved because it’s an on-going joke now.

“Otherwise I’ll just go back home. If Guilfoyle turns it down and I don’t get paid, I’ll just go home”.

However, Guilfoyle explained that he felt obliged to submit this new, larger offer for the RFL’s consideration before accepting the SLE’s offer for the club.

“I understand the frustration of fans, players and staff that we haven’t sold the club yet.

“The administrators have a duty to creditors to aim to get the best deal possible so we submit all offers where funds are proved.

“This new offer is for more than Super League (Europe) Ltd put forward so we felt obliged to submit to the RFL for consideration.”

The RFL have so far refused any offers for the club which state conditions such as a guarantee of Super League membership or the option of buying back Odsal stadium.

It has not been revealed whether this new expression of interest is the “unconditional offer” the RFL have been looking for.




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