RFL reveal new community game registration policy

The Rugby Football League’s community board has ironed out confusion with their registration policy following the community game switch to summer.

Players will be allowed to play for two different clubs, but must select a primary club with which to set allegiance to. 

When a conflict of interest occurs, players must be available for selection for their primary club unless that club agrees otherwise.

Students and Armed Forces are not tied with the new policy, but must represent their university of Armed Forces team when a conflict occurs with their primary or secondary clubs.

The RFL’s director of participation David Gent said: “We believe this rule will offer players the chance to play as much or as little Rugby League as they wish

“The policy allows all players to be flexible in their options of when and where to play the game.”

A player can alter their primary club by completing a transfer form in the usual manner. The new policy comes into effect immedietly for both the mens and womens game.

BARLA representative Stuart Prior said: “Coming to an agreement and setting out this policy is a great piece of work by all concerned.

“The policy is in place to protect the integrity of the game with the primary club aspect vital for the sustainability of the future of the community game.”

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