RFL in no rush to confirm structure for 2019

Clubs will enter the 2018 season without knowing how it will impact the league set-up in 2019, RFL acting chief Ralph Rimmer has confirmed.

Talks over a potential change to the game structure has been ongoing for a while, and an update had been promised prior to the start of the new season, however this will now not happen.

It means promotion and relegation spots are unknown, while the Million Pound Game could ultimately be rendered pointless.

But Rimmer says he is not concerned.

He said: “The discussion is ongoing. I think the clubs are going to go into the season and do as well as they can, so it won’t affect any of that.

“Clearly the future of the sport is the bigger question, and that involves all the different stakeholders – commercial partners, broadcasters, they all need to be in that equation.”

When pressed on a timescale, and the prospect of getting to July or August without a solution, Rimmer was unmoved and said that clubs were in regular dialogue.

He added: “That’s probably right, but nevertheless we’ve got to get to the right place.

“I don’t think there’s anyone that sits around the rugby league tables that doesn’t care about the entire sport. They want to grab attention and drag people into the game and make them love the sport, and there may be differences of opinion, but the RFL’s job is try and make some sense of all this.

“We are guilty at some points of making changes in the sport, and we need to make sure the next set of changes are going to set us up for the future.

“So it’s important that we take time to make the decision rather than meet a fixed deadline that isn’t right for us.”

Rimmer also confirmed that he is interested in becoming a permanent successor to Nigel Wood.

Eddie Hearn has been outspoken about the future of rugby league, creating speculation over his involvement, but there has not been any direct dialogue with him as yet.


  1. Wot a joke rugby league is when you don’t know wot your playing for this seasion given the amount of investment in leigh centurions and featherstone

  2. And this guy is going for the position left by the fat controller, God we are in a mess, couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery. All clubs in all leagues must know before a season starts what the framework is, leaving it as it is makes a mockery of our great game

  3. I regularly hear rl fans accused of being to negative about our sport. Is it any surprise when you read articles like this. I have heard Ralph Rimmer on a number of press interviews and if he is leading the way our game is doomed

  4. No way to run things. How do players and clubs plan? Relegation changes everything for players and clubs. What happens if they decide on franchising again, or mergers, new clubs bypassing the promotion route, decide no promotion or what? We’ve had every variant, how about ten years of stability where the rules are clear and everyone knows what they’re doing?

  5. we bring in a relegation idea to give championship teams a chance and this system were on at the moment is working. Why change it or at least lets not abolish relegation

  6. Its about time the SUPER LEAGUE CHAIRMAN of the different clubs gave this lot the boot and put in a board worthy of looking after a GREAT GAME. We need more TV time on the lower divisions to get people back. (BUMS ON SEATS).

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