RFL launch new pitch guidelines

The RFL has launched two new guidance documents for Rugby League pitches to help raise the standard of the sport’s playing fields.

The guidance has been developed as part of the commitment by the RFL and RFL Facilities Trust to provide support to clubs and volunteer Turf Care Managers in improving the quality and performance of Rugby League pitches.

A great performance needs a great pitch and a well maintained and level playing surface will support a faster and more dynamic performance from players.

A well maintained pitch will also be more resilient to changing weather conditions and will support more games which will enable more people to play more often.

The “Annual Preparation and Maintenance of the Rugby League Pitch” brochure provides a seasonal schedule for pitch care, advice on setting out a pitch and health and safety guidance.

It was developed in partnership with Ian Lacy from the Institute of Groundsmanship and Jason Booth, Headingley Groundsman

The document has been developed to support the RFL Pitch Improvement Programme which will have delivered pitch improvement work to at least 50 Rugby League clubs by the end of March 2013.

The RFL is also running Institute of Groundsmanship Grounds Maintenance courses and anyone who is interested in learning about Groundsmanship or in improving their knowledge should contact Community Game Services.

The Pitch Size Guidance document gives the preferred and minimum sizes for pitches across all age groups and leagues.

As well as being a useful guide for clubs, leagues and other sport providers the guidance plays an important part in protecting Rugby League playing fields.

The RFL works in partnership with Sport England and other National Governing Bodies of sport in assessing the impact of planning applications on sporting provision.

The guidance supports this process and helps ensure that any replacement Rugby League facilities meet the best quality standards.

For more information on Rugby League facilities or to download these documents please visit: www.rflfacilitiestrust.co.uk

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