RFL defends Giants postponement ruling

The Rugby Football League has defended its decision to postpone Huddersfield’s fixture against St Helens over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May.

The Giants were due to face Saints last Monday, but with Huddersfield Town in the Championship play-off final at Wembley on the same day they asked the RFL to move the game to 16th June.

The request was accepted giving both teams extra recovery time from their last fixtures – a decision that met with criticism from rival coaches across the league.

Huddersfield took advantage of the extended rest to defeat Warrington 44-4 on Sunday, while St Helens pushed league leaders Castleford hard before going down 16-12.

The RFL told the Yorkshire Post that allowing the game to be rescheduled was the correct decision.

“If two clubs are able to reach an agreement to postpone a game and reschedule, the Rugby Football League will consider a request to move the game,” an RFL spokesman said.

“Taking into account a number of factors that include disruption to supporters, player welfare and contractual obligations, the Rugby Football League accepted the request to change the Huddersfield Giants v St Helens fixture.

“The Rugby Football League also considered the possible impact on the next opponents of both clubs and made the decision that as both matches were due to be played on a Sunday, the six-day turnaround was sufficient time for preparation for their opponents on this occasion.

“The reality is that if any two clubs would like to rearrange a fixture to a mutually convenient date and time, then after taking into account all competing interests, unless there are good reasons for not allowing it, the Rugby Football League will usually seek to support them.”


  1. The double header weekend was in itself a mistake and showed disregard for players welfare.
    The additional recuperation time for Saint’s and Huddersfield exasperated the matter by the fit and rested squads played tired and thus more vulnerable opponents.
    It’s fine and dandy to champion State of Mind which I fully support. However of equal importance is the physical well-being of players.
    The only reason these double header weekends exist are to provide Sky with fixtures to televise.
    All coaches question the wisdom of them.
    Jamie Peacock wanted to reduce the number of fixtures per se but now he has retired he seems to have a different opinion!
    The Saints players and coach acknowledged it gave them an advantage one which the RFL endorsed very questionable practice.
    If they wanted to rearrange the fixture why not play on Thursday 31st and combine it with the football clubs celebration and giving Saints and Huddersfield a similar short turn around as all the other clubs had the previous weekend.
    Rugby League Lions led By Red Hall Donkeys.

  2. So player welfare is important to the RFL with regards to Huddersfield Giants and St Helens. What about the players of the other 10 Super League clubs.

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