RFL confirm Championship review

The RFL have confirmed that a thorough consultation period is to commence as the sport seeks input into shaping a new strategy for the Championships from 2012 onwards.

All major stakeholders, including supporters, will have the opportunity to submit their views up to mid-December, and the RFL are urging fans of the sport to complete a short questionnaire on the RFL website. Click here to view http://www.therfl.co.uk/surveys/supporters_survey

The aim of the review, first announced to clubs in June, is to ‘create the best, viable and competitive semi professional competition possible’ and the RFL are keen on ensuring the clubs have strong management and their levels of investment reflect the level of return to the sport.

Commenting on the consultation process, RFL’s Chief Operating Officer Ralph Rimmer, said:

“At this point we are seeking the views of all the game’s stakeholders including fans, sponsors, players and the media to ensure we are taking into account the informed opinions of these people when constructing a draft model outlining the future structure of the sport underneath Super League. The proposed structure will be taken to the clubs for an intense period of consultation before getting it signed off by the end of March 2011.”

The RFL has also entered into a partnership with the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) to gather the views of players and coaches registered to the union.

“We are delighted that the RLPA, which has over 700 Rugby League professional coaches and players in their union, has entered into a partnership with the RFL to become the driving force in getting its members to input into the process,” added Rimmer.

“Whilst the existing clubs will be integral to this, another key aspect of review is that the fans have the opportunity to shape the future and whilst it will be impossible to please everyone, we wish to involve as many people as possible to ensure the new strategy has everyone moving forward from 2012 onwards.”

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