RFL boss says “standing still not an option” as game aims to move forward

The working party has been established with a remit to examine the game’s calendar and competition structures and to identify a strategic partner to support the delivery of its recommendations.

Rimmer is joined on the panel by the RFL’s chief regulatory officer Karen Moorhouse and high-ranking Super League officials Gary Hetherington (Leeds), Paul Lakin (Hull KR), Eamonn McManus (St Helens) and Stuart Middleton (Warrington).

In a media briefing, Rimmer defended the make-up of the group, which contains no representatives from either the Championship or League One or any personnel from outside the game.

Rimmer, who says the club representatives were put forward by Super League, is confident the RFL will look after the interests of the non-Super League clubs and says coaches and players will be included as part of a wide-ranging consultation process.

“Our discussions on strategy have extended to the GMB and the England performance unit and they’ve been to the coaches’ forum as well,” said Rimmer, who says the recommendations will be open to external scrutiny.

“That strategy touches everybody and there will be more input before we get to the right place.

“The restructure has to be right. Everybody is trying to grab that space. You look at women’s sport and the way it’s grabbing space at the moment and you have to be part of that movement.

“There are only so many hours of TV people can put out and will pay for so standing still is not an option, it absolutely isn’t.

“I do think this is a big roll of the dice and what I want, that extra validation on whatever it might be.”


  1. The more important question first, is he the right person to take the game forward, the last two in the post, it is widely accepted have been complete failures, and taken the game backwards.

    Will this change? Sadly I don’t think so, an M63 corridor small time sport! nothing else without New Fresh Blood!

  2. When you appointment personnel from the existing Rugby League structures the likelihood of new radical thinking is slim as the old saying goes ” if you do what you’ve always done you’ll only get what you’ve already got”.Surely after so many failed efforts we need a fresh approach and thinking from outside the sport instead of self serving club Chairmen looking after their own interests

  3. Why are they stating facts we already know, and was the excuse and remit for super league to take the game forwards.
    Why are lower league clubs not involved, some have got a long and proud history in rugby league. The game has gone backwards and it needs fresh ideas and a commitment to work for all clubs involved, not the same self serving chairman due to their own vested interests have failed in their efforts to take the game forward.

  4. Strange, hetherington was lauded as the lead on this group just a few days ago. Rimmer has done and brought little or nothing to the game. We all know sky will get what sky want. Leeds, Wigan, saints and Warrington are like the Big six from footballs premier league

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