RFL boss Ralph Rimmer hopes the government will help rugby league survive coronavirus

Rugby Football League chief executive Ralph Rimmer is hopeful that the government will help cover some losses the sport will take during the coronavirus pandemic.

The rugby league season has been suspended until April 3 at the earliest due to the coronavirus outbreak, but it is expected that date will be pushed back.

Rimmer hopes to utilise UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s salary support packge, which offers cover for up to 80% of wages up to a £2,500-a-month limit.

He told the 5 Live Rugby League Podcast: “We’re in a position where we can work with all our clubs and stakeholders that are affected and hopefully piece together a jigsaw which enables us to determine what we’re going to look like when we come out the other side.

“That’s clearly affected by how long the lockdown lasts. There is a way through it, we’ve done a great deal of scenario planning with all the clubs and we’ll continue to support them.

“We cannot realistically give ourselves a date but work on scenarios. The way the sport emerges will be determined by the length of that period of lockdown. We’ve done a great deal of planning and worked out the different permutations to consider all eventualities going forward.

“Hopefully that work will help them (the government) to support us a little bit further.”

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