RFL autumn competition cancelled; 1895 Cup could be played this year

The RFL have announced that they are looking into the possibility of starting the 1895 Cup later this year, while confirming there will be no autumn competition. 

The governing body have confirmed that they will continue to work with those Championship and League 1 clubs who are keen to return to action earlier than the scheduled start of the 2021 season after an agreement that it is not feasible to arrange a one-off competition this autumn.

This could include playing earlier 1895 Cup fixtures on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day to allow for a number of rounds of regional group fixtures being played over the winter.

Mark Foster, the RFL’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Like everyone we want to see a return of our sport at this level. But in these uniquely challenging circumstances it is important that we work with the clubs to find the best solutions.

“As we have since March, we need to be flexible and creative. We hope the coming months will include the return of crowds to sporting events – something that is so crucial at this level.

“Some clubs have already expressed enthusiasm for the option of an earlier start to the 2021 season, and the AB Sundecks 1895 Cup provides us with a possible opportunity to secure that.

“There is also the possibility of using the traditional sporting dates of Boxing Day and New Year’s Day to come back with a bang – although it is important we recognise there are still substantial challenges ahead as we work through the detailed requirements for the return of our sport outside Super League.

“Moving the majority of the AB Sundecks 1895 Cup to earlier in the season should also mean fewer midweek games in the 2021 schedule, which would be another potential advantage. With the Super League clubs agreeing to contribute to a prize money fund for this competition it definitely seems like an opportunity that we should continue to explore.

“Those discussions will continue over the coming weeks, as we all continue to work towards bringing Rugby League back for players and supporters to enjoy – although given the unpredictability of various aspects of the current situation, we are able to assess developments and the views of all clubs before making any firm commitments.”


  1. I don’t want to put a downer on this competition, but I’d rather have coaching staff , playing staff and fellow supporters safe at the moment rugby can wait . Keep well and safe everybody no matter who you cheer on and support .

  2. Oh here we go Toronto again , I think you’ll find out the likes of Widnes dropped out because super league teams were playing 3 weeks ahead of championship sides , so what’s the point of playing on a unlevel playing field , I’ll think you notice the whole championship is not playing the playing . Unlike a solo side like Toronto who walked out the competition . Just to add a simple fact that’s super league and the challenge cup Toronto walked out of , some advert for a new club to spread the game . So stop crying , Toronto have had their coach begging to be allowed to stay in super league and the GMB asking to allow to stay in super league . Get shot the games is a laughing stock

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