RFL asks fans for opinion on golden point, set restarts and scrums

RFL annual survey polls fan opinion

The RFL annual survey of rugby league fans is open until this Friday, November 26, at 5pm.

The survey polls fans on a range of topics, including their match-going habits, the impact of COVID and the influence of streaming and televised games on attendance.

But it also asks for fans’ opinion on some recent rule changes.

Fans can state if they strongly support, support, neither support nor do not support, do not support or strongly do not support.

It covers games ending in a draw after 80 minutes going to golden point and the six-again rule.

Fans are also asked if they want to see video referees at all games.

With scrums expected to return in 2022, subject to the COVID vaccination rate among players, fans are also asked if they preferred the game when played without scrums in 2021.

It asks how important things like the collision, intensity, relentless, entertainment and level of action are to a fan’s enjoyment of rugby league.

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Parts of the new RFL strategy, which will take the sport up to 2030, are also referenced in the survey.

A number of stakeholders, including fans and the media, have been consulted and seen a draft version of the strategy to provide their input.

Around 300 fans have been invited to take part in online consultation sessions as part of this process.

A section also covers the various programmes the RFL have in place to tackle discrimination.

That also includes respect for referees, which has become an increasingly prevalent issue, particularly in the community game.

To take the RFL survey, visit https://www.research.net/r/RFL_AFS_2021

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  1. Well, isn’t that just a perfect example of the RFL, right there.
    We want to engage with the fans, but we’ll only give them 2 days to complete the survey – a survey which has 73 questions, many of which require you to type comments in. Took me a full half hour – most fans won’t be as generous with their time, I suspect.
    There isn’t even a link to it from their home page. For goodness sake – do you want the fans opinions or not??

      • Just competed the survey and to be honest the questions we were asked look as if they have come from a focus group with a view to re-enforce the decisions they had made. If you don’t ask the right questions you can only get the wrong answer. Very disappointing

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