RFL and Super League set up working party to explore ways of taking game forward

RFL Super League ball
The strategic working group will consider the game’s event calendar and competition structures and is separate to a working party set up to re-align the two governing bodies.

The group members are Super League supremos Gary Hetherington (Leeds), Paul Lakin (Hull KR), Eamonn McManus (St Helens) and Stuart Middleton (Warrington), with Karen Moorhouse and Ralph Rimmer representing the RFL.

An RFL spokesman said: “The game has fielded strategic interest from several credible parties in recent months and this group will consider how to make the most of these opportunities for the betterment of the sport in a co-ordinated way.

“The group intends to bring back initial recommendations within three months.”

Meanwhile, the re-alignment working group, which also comprises representatives of both governing bodies, will carry out a review of the governance structure of the sport.


  1. Get rid of the major idiot running the sport for a start , get rid of the monopoly of the top few super league teams St. Helens Wigan Leeds Warrington and listen to the fans , because without fans you no money , no money no clubs , no clubs no game and stop meddling with law changes every new season

  2. No vested interests in that line up? 🤣 I know the answer already the fans know nothing, carry on regardless.
    Could they not find people from outside the inner sanctum.

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