1. This question does not relate to the above item,but what is it going to take before refs.do something about this evil cannonball tackle.Is a player going to have to have his career ended early through severe injury before something is done about it.Twice this weekend I have seen this tackle being used,and it is sickening to see.This tackle is only carried out by cowards on defenceless players who have no way of avoiding it.So come on refs.,start using the yellow card for this offence before it is too late.

  2. Seen as were on about refs can anybody tel me why tony clubs try was not given and the week after Ben barber just loses possession and gets give a try I’ll tel you why it’s because they know they got it wrong at Wembley so to try and compensate for it they give the wrong dission again the week after so if you’re looking for consistent refs I’m sorry the is none

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