Relegation from Super League in 2020 unlikely

5th March 2020, Emerald Headingley, Leeds, England; Betfred Super League, Leeds Rhinos v Toronto Wolfpack : Sonny Bill Williams of Toronto Wolfpack

It’s unlikely that a club will be relegated from Super League at the end of 2020, even if the Championship is able to resume.

A meeting of Championship and League One clubs last week was inconclusive, with fears that bringing players back from furlough without any crowds and match day revenue, combined with the costs of testing and meeting protocols, would lead to clubs going out of business.

Although they will try again to reach a consensus at an RFL board meeting next week, a number of clubs see the chances of resumption as remote.

That will relieve Super League of making a difficult, and perhaps controversial, decision to ditch relegation for its clubs at the end of what would be a truncated season.

With clubs having to shoulder the majority of testing costs to play out the season, with early estimates suggestion a £5,000 per week cost to each club, some have expressed their unease at the possibility of relegation.

If the current bottom-placed club Toronto went down (and they are still very much expected too when on this website and looking at the bookies odds), every other club would see a reduction in central funding for 2021 as the Wolfpack waivered their rights to their portion as part of the terms of them joining the league ahead of this season and it was shared amongst the remaining 11 clubs.

There’s also the possible embarrassment of losing Toronto from Super League without them ever having played a game in Canada – their six games to date have all been held in the UK, and the possibility of any games in the remainder of the season being played there are remote.

Fixtures for the remainder of the revised season are due to be released next week, with games for August at least expected to be played across three venues to accommodate Sky Sports’ broadcasts.

With hope that crowds could, in some form, return in October, the fixture list will likely only include confirmed venues for each game for the first month of action.

On Monday evening, Super League confirmed that the postponed 2020 Magic Weekend will now definitely not go ahead.


  1. This is typical rugby league dithering. Clubs need to know now to enable them to plan their already reduced budget for 2021.

  2. If there’s no resumption of championship/league1 rugby due to some teams not wanting to restart then the teams that do want to restart should have financial backing from the RFL to help with testing etc. Did the RFL not get a government grant to help its clubs ? For me if SL stop promotion and relegation at any time, the championship/league 1 should split and form there own Association. It would be smaller but at least we’d be in control of our own destiny not like at present. Many people have had a belly full of the self serving greedy clubs in SL

    • RFL do want to spend money on lower leagues. Shame on them. So we are in limbo. Just call 2020 quits and hope we can start again in J

  3. Looks like the championship and lower clubs will have nothing to play for. SL and especially Toronto getting preference with talk of no promotion and relegation. It’s also obvious where the biggest part of the government loan is destined for.

  4. Calling international rescue calling international rescue this is the RFL we need your help . We need to save Toronto from relegation and making ourselves look stupid with a failed expansion plan . Come in please . This is international rescue don’t have relegation this season over . Now why didn’t we think of that . Hooray Toronto satay I’m super league with no points and no wins

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