Re-structured Super League split would happen after Round 22

Talks are continuing between the RFL and clubs about which option is best for the re-structuring of Super League for 2015 and beyond.

The apparent favoured option, which sees two leagues of 12 split in to three leagues of eight, has been discussed at length, with several concerns raised over its validity.

There is now set to be a revision of that option, that sees the split happen after round 22, rather than round 11 as previous.

That means home and away games against all 11 teams in a 12-team division, before splitting in to three leagues of eight and playing seven league games to determine the make-up of the two 12-team divisions in the following season.

RFL executives Nigel Wood and Ralph Rimmer are believed to favour the split option, but a number of coaches, players and club officials have expressed their concern over its viability.

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