Ralph Rimmer has faith RFL will receive financial support from government

RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer is hopeful they will receive support from the government to ease financial strain on the game.

The rugby league season remains suspended during the coronavirus pandemic, while the NRL have announced plans to restart their competition on May 28.

Last month, the RFL asked the government for financial support as part of its business rescue package – highlighting the amount of work the sport has done in working-class communities.

No agreement has been finalised yet – but Rimmer is pleased with how talks are going with the powers above.

He told Sky Sports’ Golden Point Podcast: “We’re facing something completely unprecedented – that’s not just in the sporting world, but as far as the nation is concerned.

“As a sport clearly the first concern is the staff, the clubs and everyone who works for them, the volunteers and the communities they touch – and how we can keep that all ignited going forward and give it a future.

“We’ll see how it eventuates and I’m hopeful we’ll have a positive outcome, but the engagement so far has been fantastic. When we get out of this, it would be a partnership, I would hope.

“I wouldn’t give a timetable on that but the amount of government time we have has been extraordinary at all levels.”


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