Raiders select player ‘representatives’

Canberra have selected seven members of their squad to act as ‘Club Player Representatives’ for the forthcoming season.

Co-captains Alan Tongue, Terry Campese along with Tom Learoyd-Lahrs, David Shillington, Bronson Harrison, Dane Tilse and Brett White have been picked to represent the squad.

It is hoped the move will give the management more of an insight into players’ views on subjects such as match preparation, training schedules and travel arrangements for away games.

It is unclear however, whether or not the new representatives will have input into disciplinary issues for off-field misdemeanours.

The squad gave full-backing to Joel Monaghan during the now infamous dog photo scandal, with Campese and Harrison both pleading with managment not to sack him.

Monaghan eventually offered his resignation at a emotionally-charged press conference in which several of his team mates appeared to be visibly upset.

But Canberra Raiders Captain Alan Tongue did touch on the subject, saying the new concept would help players and managment set ‘club principles and standards.’

He said: “This group of players is in place to give the players a voice in the way we do things. It helps bridge the gap between the younger players and the senior players by encouraging them to come to us with questions or feedback.

“It is great that we can work directly with coaches and management on club issues and arrangements and this can only be a positive.”

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