Radford roasts Schofield

Hull FC coach Lee Radford has ripped into Garry Schofield over the former player’s criticism of halfback Marc Sneyd.

Schofield attacked Sneyd on Monday night on Radio Yorkshire, commenting on the Hull FC scrum-half: “He doesn’t organise, he doesn’t create, he doesn’t tackle, he doesn’t pass and when he does it’s rubbish”.

Radford has challenged Schofield to a passing competition with Sneyd.

“Garry is more than welcome to come down and I’ll put numerous amount of drills together and he can have a passing competition with Marc, publicly and we can get the cameras down for that,” Radford told the Hull Daily Mail.

“The maverick man can come down and see what his skill-set is like to Jake Connor’s because a bit like a boxer, the last thing you lose is your punch.

“Although he is old and declining, he should still be able to throw a pass. So Garry can come down anytime he wants and we can put that on for the cameras and hopefully he’ll be able to back that up.

“I don’t think Sneydy is that arsed to be honest. Pundits are like a***h&%es, they’ve all got one and the majority of them are full of sh%&t.

“In Garry’s case, he has a lot of diarrhoea throughout the year and he must take a lot of laxatives.”

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  1. Good On You Radders, defending your players, and rightly so. Schofield’s comments impress no-one except those that seek stupid, sensational crap ! Criticising professional rugby-league players , in this particular case, Marc Sneyd in the manner that he did is not constructive in any shape or form. Just verbal diaorrhoea as Radders alluded to. You’ll do for me Marc.

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