Radford disappointed to drop lead

Hull FC coach Lee Radford thought his team were unfortunate to lose the match against Leeds in the final five minutes of the match last night.

The Airlie Birds have now suffered back-to-back defeats after losing against Huddersfield last week.

“It is hugely disappointing that we have been beat and hugely disappointing about the troops who couldn’t come back onto the field tonight,” Radford told Sky Sports.

“It’s a real shame because of the effort that we put in we probably deserved something out of the game but it was just not to be.”

Hull lost a few players to injury and it had a negative impact on the match according to Radford.

“It did affect us massively, to the point where we didn’t have an interchange at the end of the game.

“Credit to Leeds, they hung on and scrambled and fought and hustled and got us in the end.

“Couple of errors, really, really loose errors that cost us really dearly last season. We made some real priorities to fix them this season but they found a way back into our game tonight.”

They might have lost consecutive matches but Radford isn’t overly concerned with the impact that might have on their quest to secure the League Leaders Shield.

“Nobody likes losing games of rugby, the media and the outside world will say it’s a concern, performance wise and effort I thought we were great. The skill set just let us down a little bit tonight.

“Losing them two games you don’t deserve to be top of the table.

“I am so pleased Leeds aren’t in the eights. They play a way that we struggle to cope with hence the reason we have lost so many games over them over the years.

“I am pleased we won’t come up against them again this year.”

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