Purtill hails Grix’s graft

Huddersfield Giants assistant coach Kieron Purtill believes that Scott Grix‘s varied career has made him the player he is today.

Grix signed a two-year extension to his current contract this week, and Purtill believs that the Irish international is one of the hardest working players in the game.

“Scott’s an ultimate professional. He’s probably a lot different from the Super League players now. He’s been in the lower leagues for a lot of his career,” Purtill told his club’s official website.

“He’s been over to France and applied his trade over there, he’s done the hard graft to get to where he is now.

“Scott comes in with a smile on his face, he works hard and you can see that in his game.

“He’s also respected by players within our club and at other clubs too. Certainly the coaches appreciate what Scott does for us. He typifies how the Giants play, all heart and effort, and he keeps going to the final whistle.”

Purtill also points to Grix’s determination to improve as a sign of just how professionally the player approaches his career.

“Scott is his own harshest critic,” he added.

“Every time he plays a game he is always looking at little areas he can improve. Whether that be on the field or off the field with pre-hab and recovery.

“Scott is probably the hardest working person I know, in terms of watching his own game, video analysis and opposition video analysis.

“We all learn each game, each week and each year, the older we get, the wiser we get and Scott will continue to improve.”

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