Promotion and relegation will return in re-structure

Promotion and relegation will still form part of the re-structure of the game, despite delays following a revolt by Super League clubs.

A decision on the make-up of the leagues from 2015 onwards is expected in January, after an EGM to announce the changes following the RFL’s Policy Review was called off back in October.

That came after a revolt by Super League clubs, some of which also walked out of a subsequent meeting when a vote was being taken on the number of clubs in the top flight.

Previously, it had been announced that Super League would reduce from 14 teams to 12, and that promotion and relegation would return.

At a council meeting last week, it was revealed that promotion and relegation is still very much part of the future plans.

In a statement on the club’s website, Featherstone chief executive Craig Poskitt said: “Although we share the RFL’s frustrations we are pleased to say they are doing their upmost in difficult circumstances to find a solution, the fact Promotion and Relegation was confirmed as part of the re structure in 2015 was particularly pleasing for Featherstone Rovers.”

Before the revolt, a structure that included two leagues of 12 that would then split in to three leagues of eight for the final part of the season was set to be introduced.

Clubs in the top flight are believed to want more say in how the commercial side of the game is run, with Super League operating in 2013 without a title sponsor.

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