Profile: Hertz sponsor 2013 Rugby League World Cup is a renowned company which delivers the highest of standards in the vehicle rental industry. This commitment to their customers has generated such growth that they’ve become the largest global provider of hire services.

With all that popularity and trust it comes as no surprise that the Rugby World Cup 2013 has selected Hertz to be their official sponsor of vehicle supplies. Their respected name combined with the huge anticipation of the RLWC2013 has made this new partnership a match made in heaven.

Not only will Hertz help competing nations and event officials travel between stadiums and matches, they have also released a van specifically for transporting the all important Rugby World Cup trophy.

The van and its iconic ‘passenger’ will make its way across the UK visiting landmarks, clubs and schools within the local areas of the host communities. As if that wasn’t enough Hertz has also created a special offer for ticket holders. 

The offer which can be found on the Rugby League home page is a simple six digit number that provides 10 percent off basic Hertz car hire. To ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer you need to book between now and the closing date of the tournament, the 30th November.

The terms and conditions involved in this deal are the same as those given to customers renting under normal circumstances, and therefore reflects the high quality of service Hertz is delivering Rugby fans across the UK. 

With the RLWC2013 spanning across 21 match venues it makes sense to utilise reliable transport to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action. Rob Singleton has recently remarked on how Hertz will keep all the travelling nations, officials and kit organised throughout the tournament.

To benefit like the RLWC2013 use Hertz rental vehicles for your rugby event needs to experience an even more enjoyable Rugby World Cup.

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