Premier Sports to experiment with Championship coverage

Premier Sports’ coverage of this year’s Championship is set to experiment with innovative broadcasting features, according to the RFL’s Ralph Rimmer.

Rimmer was speaking at the Championship launch day, and was obviously excited to see television coverage of the Championship provide a unique experience for the viewer.

He said: “They have a really good line up of talent to present the competition, and we’re looking to do really new and innovate things with how this competition is broadcast.

“Some of the innovations we’re looking at are half time coverage of what goes on in the changing room, maybe there will be a bit of a delay on that!”

Rimmer also confirmed that the video referee will talk through his decisions in real time, which should prove popular with the humorous Ian Smith in the hot seat.

Rimmer continued: “Finally were looking at the possibility of conversations with the coaches half way through the second half, that could provide some great television in itself.”

The Premier Sports’ commentary team will consist of the popular broadcaster, Dave Woods. He will be joined by Brian Noble and Ian Ramsdale.

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