Powell: Tigers were terrible

Castleford coach Daryl Powell branded his team’s performance against Widnes as “terrible” and said it “wound him up”.

The mistake-riddled Tigers came alive in the last 10 minutes of the game, but left it too late. The Vikings were deserved 38-28 winners.

“That was terrible, just a very poor performance,” Powell said after the game.

“Eight errors in the first half was just too much of a weight for a team that’s not playing well to bear. We just put ourselves under so much pressure.

“We only really looked like a team that wanted to win in the last 10 minutes, which just wound me up to be honest, the fact that it took that long for us to look like we were desperate to win it.

“We started to play with smartness and a fair bit of intent which was sadly lacking from our game for the most part.

“It’s really disappointing and I think some people just need to realise how much that game meant, at home, against a team that is in and around us in the table.

“We’ve had this sporadically and it’s hard to understand at times. At times it smacks of players not preparing themselves well enough to play.”

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