Powell searching for elusive balance

Castleford coach Daryl Powell says his team don’t need to be entertaining in every match and must learn to grind opponents down when necessary.

The Tigers have moved up to sixth on the table with eight wins, eight losses and a draw, following Friday’s victory against Huddersfield.

Castleford have won three of their past four games, including big defeats of Warrington and Leeds. The Yorkshire side have displayed some brilliant attacking football at times.

“We’re trying to balance our game out from being this team that’s always entertaining,” Powell said.

“I don’t think it’s always necessary and we’ve just got to find a balance in our game that we play when we need to, when we want to.

“But we can reel it back in, we can grind teams as well. And when it gets to the tough games in the end, if we’re good enough to be in them, you’re going to need both sides of the spectrum to be able to win games.

“I think it’s important for us that we learn those lessons.”

With the break-up of the competition into the Super 8s only five rounds away, Powell believes results are most crucial at this point.

“The important thing about when you get to the split is being in touch, as you can reel teams in,” he said.

“Sometimes you’ve just got grind performances and wins out.

“You see with the State of Origin – it’s not always about winning big, it’s about winning.”

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