Powell: Saints have an “unfair” advantage

Daryl Powell says the RFL’s decision to allow St Helens and Huddersfield extra time to prepare for this weekend’s round of fixtures was “unfair” to the rest of the Super League.

With both teams out of the cup they will meet on the weekend of the next round, meaning Saints will have had ten days to prepare for Sunday’s fixture against the Tigers.

“First of all I don’t blame St Helens – Huddersfield have seen an opportunity and taken it,” he told the Pontefract and Castleford Express.

“As administrators, surely there’s got to be some balance given. Don’t create an unbalanced competition by giving a team an unfair competitive advantage, which is what they’ve done.

“It’s an administration without teeth, and it’s appalling they’ve allowed this to happen. It’s a massive advantage for St Helens. We played Monday and didn’t train Tuesday or Wednesday.

“They’ll have had a real good look at us and get an opportunity to present that to us on Sunday. I’m going to look after the longevity of our season by resting a number of our players this week and make no apologies for it.

“I’m excited by this weekend because we’ve got some players who haven’t played much football this year and some young players who’ll get an opportunity to show us what they’re all about.

“Whilst I’m disappointed about some of the things that have been done this year, it gives us a great opportunity to look at the depth of our squad and we’ll get after St Helens and look to get the two points. But it’s certainly going to be a tough one.

“I think it’s crucial for us moving forward that I look after our players because I don’t think there’s enough thought given to looking after them with the schedule that’s been thrown out there by the administrators this season.”


  1. also just seen a picture of luke gale with his hand on refs back and one of griffiths of hull touch the refs arm .Result 1 match suspension for Griffiths but nothing for Gale .How come?

  2. Surely you cannot blame Saints for taking advantage of the offer given to them by Huddersfield.Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing Daryl.Wigan did far worse to Widnes,and nothing was said.apart from an investigation,that never happened

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