Post-Match Reaction

 The Coaches

“There was a bit of rustiness in our execution but we’ve got to step it up next week – and I think we’ll be more fluid then.

“We didn’t have any problems getting out of our own half – but we lacked a bit of patience.

“But there are plenty of positives to take out of the game and we’ve got to stay in control of what we can control.”

“We didn’t stay patient enough to take the juice out of New Zealand – although we will learn from that.”

Great Britain coach, Brian Noble


"I looked at us and thought we looked flat in the first ten minutes”

"I thought our boys dug in deep and we got to a period there where we were 18-2 and looking like we had done okay.

"We are still really rapt that we have got ourselves the two points. We have got a win and an ugly win is better than a pretty loss."

New Zealand coach, Brian McClennan

The Players

“We should be very disappointed we didn’t win the game. We’ve got to do better in the final third next week – there is no time for hanging our heads.

“Both sides gave very little away but we never managed to put the ball over the whitewash – and that was the important thing.

“The effort of the guys was fantastic and I think now we have got to start converting it into points. I’m confident we can improve and give the Aussies full value for money next week.”

Great Britain full-back, Paul Wellens

“It’s a bit disappointing, but stuff like that happens in the game. It was definitely knocked out when I was over the line so in my opinion it was a penalty try or at least our ball.

“That’s gone against us but probably over the course of the tournament a few things will go our way so we can’t be too disappointed.

“We’ve got to pick ourselves back up and get on the horse for next week.”

Great Britain stand-off, Danny McGuire, on that video decision

"They will be a lot better after the run-out. No-one must underestimate Britain. There will be a big improvement from them."

"We worked really hard in the last couple of weeks and to come away with a win was good. This relieves the pressure a little bit."

New Zealand captain, Stacey Jones

The Fans

“I think the NZ side was too strong in defence; it also seemed that they controlled the tempo for the most part of the match really well. To be honest I can’t really see GB improving enough through the week to come anywhere close to the Aussies.”

Twiztid, LT Forums

“If, in the first half / early second half, we could have plonked the ball over the Kiwis’ line we could have gone on to win, because our defence for the most part was strong enough.”

N.1.S.F., LT Forums

“I think our attack needs working on – we didn't ever look like getting over their line till the end when, to be honest, they had tired. I think the defence was okay though for the most part.

“The disallowed try was unfortunate but there's no guaranteeing that would have made any difference. I think Noble and the players have got the right attitude that they don't want to dwell on that – instead focusing on their own performance.”

Tony WVRLFC, LT Forums


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