Podcast: The Final Hooter #7 – Toronto fans react to Wolfpack woes and the return of Super League

Dave Parkinson hosts another socially distant Final Hooter with Adrian on the other end of the line. In this episode the pair look at Brisbane Broncos, the return of Super League and and give thoughts on Toronto.

We also hear excerpts from longer interviews done with Wolfpack fans Henry Whitfield, Scott Nordlund and Sandy Shipley.


  1. Toronto you had your chance and blew it big time . You have turned our game into a laughing stock around the rugby league world . You should never be allowed to play in our leagues again . A complete waste of time and energy. Not for me

    • Gee, thanks for your support, Alex. We haven’t “had our chance” at all. We had six games (in which, admittedly, we were terrible) and then the biggest public health crisis in a hundred years came along. Our owner put $30 million into this club but didn’t bank on all sport being suddenly shut down across the world and getting absolutely none of the support that every other club got to survive. He’s obviously not managed the club very well – everyone knows that – and he’s obviously made some serious mistakes. He’s stepping down, and everyone agrees that’s a good thing. But ten thousand plus new rugby league fans are desperate for our team to survive. If your view is that 2020 and Covid-19 was our “one chance” and you’d happily watch our club extinguished then I question whether you have the best interests of the game at heart. I hope also that you calmly accept it when your club gets into trouble and people maliciously sound off like you did.

  2. Grow the game at its roots first before pushing these grand unsustainable expansion plans that are a drain on the domestic game.

  3. That’s a bit harsh that comment. I feel sorry for them, they get no funding from the league and have a big outlay in expenses when English teams play there. Barring this Coronavirus pandemic they would have been alright. They deserve their place in Super League, they have earned it since their introduction into League 1. There are other clubs in Super League having financial difficulties but at least they have been funded. Blame the Corona Virus pandemic for all of this. Hope to see you in Super League in 2021 Toronto.

  4. Sorry but everyone knew this was coming and it has been coming for a long time Why did the Rfl let this happen they signed players they could not afford and carried on signing more for next year knowing the position they were in They should now be relegated to league one and not allowed to be promoted for at least two years until they can have some Canada players in their squad build from the route up

  5. Let the league down, Unlike those yorshire teams who still play in shit holes afyer 25 years and cant even provide a regulation pitch.

    • Have you seen the state of the Wolfpack Pitch ? There is so many lines a 2 bit kinky would think Christmas has arrived early . I was a supporter of Wolfpack and think expansion is needed but I agree with most people that the recruitment has messed them up , need to regroup and develop a foundation system then try again .

  6. Let the league down, Unlike those yorshire teams who still play in shit holes after 25 years and cant even provide a regulation pitch.

  7. Let the league down, Unlike those yorkshire teams who still play in shit holes after 25 years and cant even provide a regulation pitch.

  8. Their owner put in several million dollars to try to make it happen which is several million more than the “true” fans who love to bleat and point their finger. The Wolfpack should be supported instead of being spat on at every opportunity.

  9. So Toronto have four bidders to buy the club , so be it , but that means it’s a different club owner who applied to join super league for the start of this season , so back to div one and start again. Or a better idea stick to moose hunting or ice hockey you’ll be good at that

  10. Dear dan , this is alex I happen to be a Widnes Vikings fan , so yes I know what it’s like to go bust . I also know that Toronto have been getting far better treatment than Widnes got from the RFL . I remember Bradford Bulls going bust these are clubs with over a century of history in each club . Not like your couple of years . As alright walking over everyone in Div 1 and the championship. But your team and set up was crap for super league . I’ve been involved in the delivery of this great sport in the southern conference, armed forces and Scotland . Not one team I’ve been lucky to represent have been run in a amateur way like Toronto have , I’m fed up listening to the money problems with what you got or didn’t get when you joined super league . Toronto knee the deal before you. Signed the deal . So it’s your committees fault the rest of the sides in our sport . You’ve been given every chance to remain in Support League and blew them alll . Featherstone but a lot of effort into staying alive and to walk away from the game on finances grounds is a slap in the face to the people at the featherstone club , so yes get rid of Toronto, like they were going to kill of Widnes and Bradford

  11. Do so agree with the last comment, would be a bitter pill to swallow for Bradford and Widnes if RFL bend over backwards to solve the Toronto dilemma. I would have thought it was obvious to anyone that they were treading in treacle from the word go.It has taken Catalan a long time to have some form of consistency both on and off the field. They were always attracted to all the Aussie Bad Boys who often couldn’t have cared less whether they played well or not,they had got their contracts sown up for the year ahead.
    Just think of the money Toronto splashed out to get Sonny Bill Williams, some teams will never have that money in a month of Sundays!!!

  12. My be the Toronto chairman should call the chairman of Widnes ,Bradford ,London and featherstone to see how to survive financially and keep the club going after going bust , hard work , good fans and a lot pride in the club . Think you start with pride first because walking away from Super League showed no guts and no pride .

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