PNGRFL distances itself from Meninga legal action

The Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) has issued a statement distancing itself from the legal action launched against former national team coach Mal Meninga last week.

The case was launched by Timothy Lepa, the CEO of PNG domestic competition the Coca Cola Ipatas Cup.

Lepa wants to recover the government money paid to Meninga, as well as highlight the mismanagement of rugby league in PNG.

But the PNGRFL has issued a statement clarifying that the legal action has nothing at all to do with them.

The statement reads:

“Please be advised that Timothy Lepa has no direct affiliation with the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League Inc. (PNGRFL) or its entities, and therefore does not speak on behalf of the PNGRFL.

“The current actions of Timothy Lepa are not only detrimental to the image of the game within Papua New Guinea, but also do nothing to enhance our image in the wider rugby leaue community.

“One must assume that the current legal actions pre-empted by Timothy Lepa are being taken by him as an individual, and  are not endorsed by either the Ipatas Cup administration or its sponsor Coca Cola; however, due to the publicity that his statement has generated, the names of both of these organisations and the PNGRFL have been associated with his actions.

“This is not the case, and it would be appreciated that this could be understood in all future press and media statements.”

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