Planning to bet on rugby matches – tips that can come in handy

Sometimes you need to look beyond the regular markets and sports to make good profits from sports betting. When indulged in with useful tips from a platform like SBAT, you can score handsome returns from rugby betting. Considering the fact that a large majority of sports bettors don’t place bets on rugby games, there is ample opportunity for punters who can learn about and master the sport through checking tips and insider info. Let’s acquaint you with some tips that can come in pretty handy while betting on rugby matches.

Bet based on the team form

Although this might seem like an obvious advice, it is definitely a good starting point for anyone planning to bet on rugby games. Even though context is extremely important, a good look at the win-draw-loss figures of any team should give you a fair idea about their chances in a specific match. You must figure if a team has experienced a string of losses lately or is on a winning run. Thereafter, you must use that information in conjunction with its current position in the league to make sound betting decisions. In general, it’s a good idea to look at the last 7-8 matches of a team.

Get behind the W-D-L figures

As mentioned earlier, context is extremely important when it comes to W-D-L record of the team. While a dominant win over an underdog may not hold much relevance, a narrow win over table leaders can be considered an excellent result. Other important factors you must pay heed to include the starting line-ups, home/away games and weather conditions.


Head-to-head statistics

Careful consideration of the head-to-head statistics can be extremely useful when you’re betting on both domestic as well as international rugby games. These stats hold a lot more relevance in the international rugby where it’s commonplace to witness huge power imbalances, causing predictable results.

Learn who all are there in the starting XIII or XV

Rugby is a sport wherein an injury to the key scrum-half or a popular skipper can have a highly devastating impact on the team’s result, even when you have top-quality players in the other positions. Hence, it becomes important for any rugby bettor to get acquainted with key players of all the rugby teams, and keep a constant tab on suspensions and injuries. You should also know which all key players are away on an international duty.



Pay attention to the weather conditions

There are few sports that are as notoriously impacted by weather conditions as rugby. While muddy and wet conditions often lead to low-scoring rugby matches, sunny and bright conditions are the ideal setting for delivering high-scoring and fast-flowing rugby games.

Weather conditions can be extremely crucial when you are placing any winning-margin bets. However, on the whole, you must never take a simplistic approach as far as weather considerations are concerned, as some teams can be particularly effective in certain weather conditions.


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