Pearson insists Radford won’t be sacked by Hull FC

Hull FC owner Adam Pearson has asserted that club coach Lee Radford has little chance of being sacked this season.

Despite an unimpressive showing last season, and a new Super League restructure heaping even more pressure on Radford’s shoulders, Pearson has bullishly backed the coach.

“If we don’t win rugby league matches here this season then I know it is going to get messy,” Pearson told the Hull Daily Mail.

“I’ll tell everyone now, if they think there is going to be a change in the head coach of the club this year, they are sadly mistaken. My heels are as dug in as you will find them.

“If anyone wants to put up a banner saying ‘Radford Out’ then bring it on because it is not going to happen.

“Lee is doing a fantastic job in rebuilding the club from top to bottom. Supporters have to understand that.

“The recruitment is good, the team is good and the players are right behind the coach.”

Pearson was also insistent that an overarching plan for the club was in place.

“We have a long-term plan here,” he said.

“I know when you hear that in sport people laugh their heads off, but this is as close to a long-term plan as you can get.”

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