Peacock calls for Great Britain return

Former England captain Jamie Peacock has called for the return of the Great Britain team.

Peacock, 35, captained the Lions in their last test back in 2007, before the home countries were split ahead of the 2008 World Cup.

The Leeds man believes that a return to Great Britain, at least every four years, would ensure Ireland, Scotland and Wales don’t lose their best players to England.

He said: “If you had Great Britain playing every four years, you wouldn’t see that.

“You’d see the players who can play for Scotland, play for Scotland. You’d see the players who can play for Ireland, play for Ireland and you’d see the guys who can play for Wales, play for Wales.

“And then once every four years, you get together for Great Britain. These guys will play in a strong side against Australia.

“Great Britain is an unbelievably big brand … hugely after the Olympics … and should be brought back, not every year but every four years.”

Great Britain won their last four matches, back in 2007, culminating in a whitewash series victory over New Zealand.

The last Lions test, played at Wigan’s DW Stadium on November 10 2007, saw tries from James Graham, Keith Senior, David Hodgson, Rob Burrow and Danny McGuire see off the Kiwis.

Back when the split was announced, it was hinted that the Great Britain team would return for tours Down Under, something that hasn’t happened to date, although England did play in the Four Nations in the southern hemisphere in 2010.

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