Paper Talk: More ex-players join RFL legal action, Wigan recruitment & Cornwall or the Moon?

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There is still plenty of movement in the Super League recruitment market, while more have their say on the inclusion of Cornwall from 2022. It’s all in your rugby league paper talk.

Players join legal challenge

The number of former players backing a potential legal action against the RFL has risen to 75, according to lawyer Richard Boardman. (League Express)

The case, which went public last month, is pursuing the RFL for the delayed effects of head injuries. Boardman said: “This isn’t just about a few lads playing rugby league, it’s an epidemic in both rugby codes.”

The RFL are expected to increase the stand down period for concussion to 10 days from next season.

Wigan happy but looking

New Wigan coach Matty Peet says he’s happy with the Warriors squad but says they are still looking at recruitment for 2022. (Wigan Today)

He said: “We are discussing possible avenues of recruitment, but it must be the right first and foremost.

“We get offered players all the time – some very good players, in positions we would like to strengthen.

“But there’ll be a process and some non-negotiables about the kind of people, the kind of characters, we want to bring into the club.”

Cornwall or The Moon?

Garry Schofield is far from convinced by rugby league’s latest expansion attempt to Cornwall.

In his League Express column, he writes: “You may as well relocate to the moon.”

He questions just how Cornwall will be able to attract fans and players, citing the difficulties West Wales Raiders have had, as well as the failure of Oxford and Gloucestershire All Golds despite their relatively accessible placing in the country.

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Giving Cornwall a chance

Doncaster chief Carl Hall is a bit more pragmatic when it comes to Cornwall, and says if they deliver what they have said they will, then the new club should be embraced. (Yorkshire Post)

Hall said: “We asked some tough questions today and got some answers.

We all want expansion of the sport. If we can get the things we asked right then we have all got to go and give it a good go.”

Sneyd in the sun

New Salford half-back Marc Sneyd handled his shock move from Hull himself. (The Sun)

Sneyd revealed that Reds director of rugby Ian Blease called him while he was away on holiday.

He said: “We’ll put a pin it in and I’ll speak to you on the Monday or Tuesday. I’m enjoying my holiday. It’s been a tough 18 months and I’m not having it ruined!”

After considering it, Sneyd opted to return to the club he left in 2014.

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  1. I just can’t imagine any rugby players at all being interested in getting paid to live and play rugby in Cornwall…
    I definitely can’t see any of those Southern Hemisphere players, like the Aussies, who are looking for a Super League move, wanting to give up the surfing lifestyle Down Under for a surfing lifestyle in Cornwall…

  2. Schofield talks out of his arse. I’d sooner be paid and live in glorious Cornwall than be hanging around the likes of dingy Hull, Leeds and Bradford

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