Paper Talk: Clubs who voted against Toronto, Ward’s career worry & Ellis fearful for RL future

We’ve had a flick through the Monday morning papers.

Toronto have reached 1.7m “fans” says McDermott

Brian McDermott says Toronto Wolfpack have reached 1.7m fans in their short existence, in an interview on Sky Sports and repeated in a number of papers over the weekend. The coach said: “Rugby league works in Toronto… there’s a big piece of evidence to back it up that in a population of 6.1 million people who live in and around Toronto, 1.7 million have filled a form out to say they are avid Wolfpack fans. That’s 1.7 million made aware of Super League.”

Three clubs and Elstone against Wolfpack

Robert Elstone was among those who was against Toronto being allowed back into Super League at Friday’s board meeting, according to League Express. Castleford, Huddersfield and Wakefield are reported to have given the Wolfpack a definitive ‘no’ on Friday, but with no majority, Toronto were afforded another month to enhance their application for further review.

Ward could be forced to pause career

Leeds captain Stevie Ward has been ruled out for the rest of the 2020 season after suffering a concussion in February. He told the Daily Star that the migraines and dizziness as a result of the incident in the very first game of the season are preventing him from training properly. “I am probably going to have to put a pause on my rugby career,” he said.

Ellis worried about rugby league

Veteran forward Gareth Ellis says he is genuinely worried about the future of rugby league, writing in his column in the Yorkshire Post. The Hull man said: “It just looks very ominous in terms of getting fans back into stadiums and I just don’t know how that will work. I’m not privy to the figures but, on the face of it, looking in like everyone else, if money’s not coming in and we’re still getting paid, that money going out does not last forever. If it’s not coming in then where do we go from here?”

Sims to follow in brother’s footsteps?

Hull KR are considering a move for forward Korbin Sims, reports League Express. The younger brother of former Warrington forward Ashton Sims has been offered to Super League clubs, as St George-Illawarra Dragons look to free up salary cap space.

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  1. Not surprised those 3 clubs voted “no”….they have to survive on a shoestring(well 2 of them do,Ken Davy is Huddersfield’s lifeline but for how much longer).? Seems to me that Toronto are not expecting a slice of cake they just want the whole lot.

  2. The RFL have cast other clubs into the wilderness without a thought. How are the Wolfpack any different? Their collapse had a significant impact on other clubs finances, on players financial security, etc. Some half baked plan could lead to another collapse next year. Any club entering Super League has to have a realistic chance of finishing the season. Financial guarantees must be given if they are readmitted.

  3. No suprise by the ney sayers, Cas and Wakefield have crap stadiums that are a disgrace to any TV audience, let alone a global one and Huddersfield should be kicked out because they cant organise a p’up in a brewery. There teams great, their stadiums great, but they have ridiculously low crowds and should be kicked out for that alone. If you expansion then you have to invest, if you don’t, then die. No difference to any other business, those against GROW UP!

  4. well well 3 Yorkshire puds when did all 3 win any thing they waley the pit town cas all should be kick out they don’t want progress

  5. What planet is mcdermott on at all 1.7 million fans / proof Toronto works ….he’s certainly lost the plot ….they bring nothing at all to the game & now have players/families fighting for their lives….we need teams who can sustain themselves if any unforseen circumstances occur…

    • Several points.
      Only Leeds, Wigan, Saints, Warrington (nearly though), Catalans and Castleford in SL have not gone into administration during their time in the RFL as far as I can see. Many clubs are on their 2nd, 3rd,4th etc., reincarnation and have held the begging bowl out to the RFL each time. Several clubs are financially supported by the RFL in that their “share” is reduced to cover payments made on their behalf by the RFL.
      People go on about HISTORY , well some “successful “ clubs are on their uppers and have been for decades yet these are seen as the FUTURE, REALLY?????????
      Think what Toronto have taken FINANCIALLY from the game compared to the others!
      Think how much the owner put in, and also how much they paid out (along with sponsorships etc) to get League 1 and Championship teams to Toronto plus accommodations.
      Toronto’s income sources wiped out by the virus situation
      Championship and League 1 clubs income sources (except RFL hand outs) wiped out by the virus situation.
      Clubs dropping out of the CHALLENGE CUP because they couldn’t afford it😳😳😳😳, sound familiar????????? Are they to be banned from ever playing in it again?
      During the world wars clubs closed down but then started up again. Somewhat familiar?
      This HISTORY thing is an eye opener at times and shows precedents that people find uncomfortable now.
      Also, because SL want to be seen to be “fair and diligent “ they have imposed requirements on Toronto to fulfill. Ok fine but the same surely have to be applied to ALL other SL clubs. Doing that I would suggest would open a can of worms.
      What Toronto have done for the game and it’s profile is more that many clubs have done in 125 years and probably will do for another 125, if they or the game, professionally lasts that long.
      The future is global media led, like it not. History is yesterday s news, cannot be changed. The future, well who knows but forward positive planning can make things happen.
      We live in very interesting times.

    • McDermott was always on a different planet… a player when doing an interview he would always sound like a monologue from an Alan Bennett play. As a coach his interviews weren’t much different either.

  6. 3yrs.ago I stated what would happen if argyle pulled the plug.what where noble and macderrmont doing while this was going on.noble must have known he soon jumped was an other cockup on be half of the rfl.

  7. We should be inviting a championship club into super league such as Featherstone and make Toronto start back in the championship but only if they can guarantee not to fail to fulfil fixtures and pay wages again

  8. Easy solution. In super league with 8/10/12 points deduction. Just like for breach salary cap. Wakefield safe from relegation, so they will vote for it!!!!!!!

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