Owen accepts Tigers punishment

Castleford full back Richard Owen has acknowledge a breach of the club’s code of conduct, but the club say they are aware of other investigations surrounding the player.

The club held a disciplinary hearing with Owen and his agent today following a complaint by head coach Ian Millward, and although the exact reasons as to why were not disclosed, an appropriate sanction was agreed.

Owen said: “My punishment is deserved; I have learned my lessons and will make sure this never happens again.

“I’m even more focused now on restoring the faith that Basil (Ian Millward), my team mates, the club and fans have in me and will do all I can to make a big impact on the pitch for the club next season.”

In its statement, the club also added that it was aware of a recent incident involving the player that is the subject of other investigations, which could relate to an alleged assault on Boxing Day.

The statement added: “This matter will be considered by the club, if required, when the appropriate authorities have determined this issue.”

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