“Overseas clubs bring nothing to our game” – Koukash

Former Salford owner Marwan Koukash has stirred the expansionist pot ahead of Catalans’ appearance in the Challenge Cup final this weekend.

In a typically controversial tweet, the multi-millionnaire racehorse owner said money would be better spent on lower division clubs.

He said: “The Challenge cup on Saturday will show that overseas club bring nothing to our RL game . Money is better invested in the lower divisions instead on clubs that are in France.”

The often ill-informed argument is that the RFL are funding expansion efforts, whereas the truth is usually far different.

Toronto are completely self-funded, and have even covered the travel costs of opposing teams.

It is believed that is an area that some are trying to push the French teams to replicate, as currently this comes out of a central funding budget.

The argument continues on what the best way to grow rugby league is, as the end of the current broadcast deal with Sky Sports in 2021 looms ever closer on the horizon.

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