Our Top 5 Tips for Rugby Betting

Unlike most sports, Rugby League still relies on terrestrial television for the vast majority of its viewers. 

In fact, the Beeb broadcast 57 hours of action this year across 50 live events, while the channel currently accounts for 78% of the sport’s viewership. So, while the lure of lucrative broadcasters such as Sky may seem tempting for sports like Rugby League, for now the sport must continue to respect its fans through the terrestrial forum. 

There’s no doubt that the popularity of the sport continues to rise against the backdrop of increased investment and marquee signings, however, and this is also triggering a greater demand for associated betting markets. In this post, we’ll explore this further while offering the five best tips for rugby betting.  

  1. Identify the Best Odds 

Let’s start with the basics; as the best betting strategy relies on your ability to identify the best wagers at the optimal prices. 

When it comes to the odds comparison (as shown here), to start rugby betting you need to consider which operators offer the best average payout across several markets. This way, you can determine which brands deliver the highest return per every single £1 that you wager, as this will prove crucial if you want to make a number of successful bets over time. 

Ultimately, this allows you to squeeze as much value as possible out of each individual wager, whether you’re betting on the outcome of the Challenge Cup or the coveted Super League title. 

When wagering on Rugby League matches, it may also be worth comparing the market for new operators in the market. After all, this sport is an increasingly lucrative market for betting operators, while newcomers will often offer higher odds and more generous welcome bonuses in order to compete with their rivals. 

2. Avoid the Pitfalls 

Before you start gambling, you should also avoid many of the pitfalls associated with rugby betting and sports wagering in general. 

One of the most prominent is emotive wagering, which typically occurs when backing your favourite team to beat a more established rival. This type of wager rarely comes off, and while it taps into the tribal nature of sport and can add value to the typical viewing experience, it’s not recommended if you want to make money from your bets. 

Similarly, it’s far too easy to be consumed by an individual teams’ form without considering their results in context.  

More specifically, a side’s form should also be measured against the recent results of their opponents, especially as these teams will go head-to-head in direct battle. 

You can also inform your opinion with the analysis of a few carefully selected experts, who may also be able to help you identify new markets that can deliver a return. 

 3. Consider the Winning Margin Market in Some Matches 

Occasionally, you may want to back a team that is the odds-on favourite in a specific game. However, you’re often discouraged from doing so due to the prohibitive odds, which offer a minimal return even if the bet comes in. 

To negate this and achieve better odds, however, there are a couple of things that you can consider. Firstly, you could leverage more precise markets such as the potential winning margin, which enables you to back the heavy favourite win to prevail by a specific number of points (these are usually available in ranges).  

This creates a more balanced wager, as you’re able to access improved odds while also maintaining a strong probability of winning.  

On a similar note, you may want to consider handicap Rugby League betting. This allows you to handicap a specific favourite by a fixed number of points, which instantly increases the odds available without necessarily compromising your chances of winning.  

These markets are important, as the Super League in particular host several mis-matches on the field of play every single season. As a result, you need to find new ways of introducing value to the market and capitalising on this successfully.  

4. Don’t Forget the Finer Details  

Ultimately, we should not forget that coaches and players determine the outcome of Rugby League games, as they’re responsible for creating and implementing strategies out on the field of play. 

With this in mind, information pertaining to team selections and injuries to key players should also be used to inform your wagers, as even the smallest details can transform a losing betting into a successful one. 

You should definitely look to review the team news of any game that you intend to bet on, while making a note of any key or influential players that may be missing through injury or suspension. 

We’d also recommend following certain local journalists on social media, as these individuals often follow a specific team and will have prominent sources within the club. These can be used to source team news and insight ahead of time, and you can seek value in this is apply it to your wagers.  

5. Finally – Don’t be Fooled by Gambling Fallacies 

While you may have noticed that you occasionally enjoy winning or losing streaks, you should not be tricked into thinking that these are tangible or measurable in any way.  

This represents a universal gambler’s fallacy, and one that can cause you to place ill-judged bets or, in the worst case scenario, chase losses by spending outside of your means.  

Make no mistake; every single bet should be considered on its own individual merits, regardless of what has gone before. This not only improves your focus, but it also optimise the value proposition of each wager and its potential returns.  

While this can be challenging given the emotion associated with sports betting and following a Rugby League team, it’s important to give your full attention to each wager and consider only relevant factors.   

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