Origin bad blood grows

Corey Parker says the bad blood between Queensland and NSW is at an all-time high following a controversial Game III.

NSW won Game III to avoid a clean sweep but the match will filled with niggle and incidents between the two sides, with two players sin-binned.

The Blues have been accused of a lack of sportsmanship from walking away from Cameron Smith‘s post-game speech.

Parker believes the feeling between the two states is at its worst it has been for some time.

“Absolutely, I do. If you’re looking for motivation and things to draw on for next year, that’s all been set in stone,” he told Sky Sports Radio.

“There were plenty of talking points to come out of that game and plenty of motivation for next year.

“There’s certainly going to be some feeling going into next year’s series.

“We’re very much equals but put that aside and there’s a thing called sportsmanship.

“That’s what aggravated most Queenslanders through that game, particularly at the end of the game when there was an awards ceremony on.

“I do feel that there’s that bad blood if you want to use that word between the two teams.

“There’s going to be enough motivation for the next few Series and then something might pop up next year and we’ll be looking for something more again.”





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