Orford free to join Raiders

Matt Orford has been told he is free to join Canberra, after Bradford handed the former Manly halfback a full release.

Orford, 32, is expected to join the Raiders on a two-year-deal after commencing training with the club last week.

Bradford chairman, Peter Hood, said the reasons for the release remain confidential.

“There are valid but strictly confidential reasons why Matt Orford is unable to return to the UK which were unknown to the Club last summer when we agreed to his going home for surgery to his damaged shoulder, rather than have the operation here which would have been more usual,” he said.

“With the player’s permission these reasons have been shared in confidence with the RFL.

“I am pleased to confirm that we have agreed terms on which Matt’s registration will be released. The issues that previously existed are now ‘water under the bridge’ – both the Club and the player can get on with the rest of their lives.

“The Club is free to register a replacement player and Matt, who I understand has made a complete recovery from his shoulder operation, can resume his career in Australia.”

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