On-Field Matters Most Important

Over the last couple of weeks the RFL announced that Hull KR, Widnes and Leigh are all eligible for promotion from National League One but Whitehaven won't be allowed in because their ground isn't good enough. I'm sure most Whitehaven fans and away fans would rather see a good entertaining game of Rugby League than bickering how some stadiums are better than others.

Now I've never been to the Recre so I can't judge how bad their ground really but surely if Whitehaven do win the National League One Grand Final they are the best team in the competition that season and deserve to win promotion. If this continues the sport of Rugby League will start to slowly get worse because of less competition. As it would if we had a franchise introduced. It would work if there was only one league but there are four and it is unfair on the three lower divisions.

If the RFL are so bothered about the state of Whitehaven's ground why don't they pump some money into the club to help them get their ground up to standard (If they’re winners of the National League One Grand Final.) I completely agree with Whitehaven's comment to take legal against the RFL if they deny their promotion.

Over the past few weeks Halifax have announced that they need to recover £90,000 to get out of debt and stop them from going out of business. In the ‘80s and ‘90s they were a decent side and did well in the Super League and when they got relegated things started to go wrong for them.

Remember last year? London Broncos were in the same situation and the RFL worked so hard to get Rugby League going in the capital – if they really do care why don't they help out Halifax? Gateshead Thunder were also victims of the RFL's bias. If I remember correctly they were kicked out of Super League under controversial circumstances. Sheffield Eagles had to merge with Huddersfield and now the part of the Eagles that remains are in National League two. So why didn't the RFL help out these clubs?

Next time in Talking Rugby I will be talking about the stricter approach by referees in the last few rounds of Super League, the possibilities of a Super League Franchise and I will reflect on how the Super League and National League seasons have ended.

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