O’Loughlin unlikely to play for NRL World All Stars

England captain Sean O’Loughlin believes that it is unlikely that he will able to play in the new version of the NRL All Stars game.

A revamped concept for the event was confirmed earlier this week, with an Indigenous All Star team now set to play a World All Stars team, made up of stars from across the rugby league world.

The national captains of England, Australia and New Zealand have been confirmed as automatic picks for the World All Stars, but O’Loughlin thinks it unlikely that his club Wigan would release him to play in the fixture.

“Our season will be up and running then,” O’Loughlin told NRL.com.

“I don’t know whether they thought Jammer [James Graham] was captain.

“It would be fantastic but there’s a bit of a clash. I think we’ve got Brisbane the following week. It would be a tough one to pull off but we’ll see what happens.

“It’s good to have your name thrown in the mix but I wouldn’t be holding my breath.”

England coach Steve McNamara, who is also an assistant coach at NRL club Sydney Roosters, thinks the idea is good, but cannot see Super League players taking part.

Four English players are supposed to play, but McNamara thinks that they would have to be NRL stars.

“I presume the four players will be based in the NRL,” said the England coach.

“I did read where it would be the captains of England, Australia and New Zealand.

“I can’t see it involving anyone from Super League. Super League‘s started at that point, hasn’t it? There’s no way that’s going to happen.”

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