Oldham chairman urges caution

Oldham chairman Christopher Hamilton has urged caution following the recent challenge to the proposed changes to the game via the Policy Review.

The RFL’s EGM scheduled for Wednesday was postponed, following a revolt of a majority of the Super League clubs, led by Wigan owner Ian Lenagan.

Hamilton said: “It is with some regret that I have followed the recent events that have, temporarily at least, stopped the considerable progress that was being made via the Policy Review. Having been in the game for a long time and been present at RFL board level when club representation was seen as a real problem within the game, preventing it from moving forward, I am urging everybody to be mindful of not taking the game back into a dangerous area.

“The current proposed changes, in my opinion, offer a suitable way forward for the whole of the game and that is its strength.

“Nobody would profess that that this will suit everybody’s needs, including ours, but we have to be able to look at the bigger picture and try to make sure we have the pathway forward to develop this great game that we all care so much about.

“The whole of the current review – and its proposals – have seen an extensive consultation with all stakeholders like never seen before and it is therefore particularly disappointing that Mr Lenegan has undermined this with the timing of his actions.

“One of the undoubted beacons that is recognised by people such as Sport England, who provide key funding to the game, is its independent board and we therefore hope that following, what must now be the total focus – a successful World Cup – this is only a stopping point as the game comes together to move forward collectively.”

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