Oldham centre cleared of kicking

Oldham centre Mick Fogerty has been cleared of kicking an opponent in their 42-12 Challenge Cup defeat against Hunslet.

The RFL have called the match DVD evidence’inconclusive’ and Fogerty will now merely receive a caution meaning he can play for Roughyeds in their Championship 1 fixture against Doncaster on Monday.

Fogerty told the club’s official website: “I’m obviously delighted because I didn’t kick anybody. I wouldn’t do that. It’s not me. I was obstructed while trying to get to the Hunslet ball carrier. I pulled the bloke across me and that was it. Where the kicking came from I don’t know.

“I heard before the Gateshead game last Saturday that I wasn’t to be charged. That was a big relief. It wasn’t on my mind any more and I think I played better as a result.

“Things are going really well and we think they will go even better once we get established in our new home at Whitebank.”

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