Oldham after pay day

Challenge Cup surprise packet Oldham after looking for a big pay day in the sixth round of the Challenge Cup.

Chairman Chris Hamilton is banking on the spin-off from the 36-22 win at Hull KR to provide the club with a higher profile, extra support and more money.

“We’ve made people sit up and take note of Oldham RLFC,” he said.

“We’re kicking and screaming and punching way above our weight. Opportunity knocks now for people to get involved with us, whether that means going to matches  as a fan or getting involved in other ways.

“The more that happens, the more we can produce on the field.”

The sixth-round (last 16) draw will be broadcast live on Radio 4’s Today programme from 8.30am on Thursday.

ON BBC television’s regional news programme Hamilton said: “It’s good to get some well-deserved profile and, on the back of it, we’ll hopefully get more fans, more sponsors  and, maybe, some investors.

“We are not the richest club and we have to fight tooth and nail for everything we do. Hopefully, we’ll draw a big club in the next round and get some money in while all enjoying a great day out.

“Scott Naylor (head coach) has already touched on what we would like from the draw — the tie that will give us the most money — but I’ve been involved a long time and the days when I would work out who we wanted most have long gone because it never works out like that.”

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