Nuuausala sets Wigan bar high

Wigan forward Frank Paul Nuuausala has set big goals for the 2017 season – he wants to win the Super League and the Challenge Cup.

The Kiwi prop joined Wigan towards the end of last season, and now wants to help the squad improve on last year’s performance, when they won the Grand Final.

“To be honest it was one of my goals to win Super League and I’d like a Challenge Cup,” he said, according to

“I’m glad to be back and ready to do the hard work for the boys.

“(Last season)For me, it was the errors. It wasn’t how I normally play. I have a high expectation of myself and now this is about getting used to the team and how we get coached by Shaun Wane.

“Hopefully I can prove my worth.”

Nuuausala is also setttling well into life in Wigan, despite the weather being somewhat cooler in a European winter than he is used to.

“It’s just the weather,” he said.

“Everyone works hard here, just like in the NRL, it’s just the weather, I’m trying to get used to the cold and the ice on your car.

“It’s very rare to have ice on your car in Australia, maybe once in awhile in New Zealand.

“It’s a daily thing over here, trying to get used to that.

“You have to get up earlier and sit in your car for 15 minutes, waiting for it to defrost.

“But I don’t mind the cold really.”

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