NRL to launch doping probe

Bosses at the NRL have announced their intention to create a new body to police doping among players.

The move follows a damning report by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), which found the use of illcit performance enhancing drugs is widespread in a number of sports.

The ACC report found that criminal gangs were behind the distribution of banned drugs. 

In response, NRL chief executive Dave Smith announced that the organisation is to create an integrity unit, to oversee the operations of clubs.

In addition, the NRL will carry out an audit and introduce centralised drug testing.

Clubs or players found to be in breach of the NRL‘s anti-doping policy will be punished under the new unit’s powers.

“We are committed to working with ASADA and the Government in dealing with these threats and in addition to that will strengthen our own investigative capability,” said Smith.

“Regardless of the outcome of those investigations, there is an opportunity here to take the initiative in terms of the integrity of in sport.

“Our fans and the absolute majority of our players deserve nothing less.”



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