NRL introduce two-point drop goals as rule changes announced

The NRL will bring in several rule changes for 2021 – including two-point drop goals for shots outside of 40 metres.

The ARL Commission say the rule changes have been made to make the game faster, more free-flowing and entertaining.

The NRL will bring in the six again rule for ruck infringements, meaning the attacking team will be awarded a new set if the defending team are offside.

Scrums will also be more strictly managed by match officials and teams will be able to play-the-ball from the restart if it is kicked or carried into touch rather than having to pack scrums.

Teams will receive penalties if they leave a scrum before a referee calls ‘break’ and video referees will be able to review replays after an on-field referees awards a try but a conversation attempt will not be allowed until it gets the green light.

Injured players will be interchanged if a trainer asks for play to be stopped.

When a captain’s challenge is inconclusive, a team will not be docked for an unsuccessful attempt.

Finally, a handover will be ordered when a player does not make a genuine attempt to play the ball with their foot.

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  1. Whether I agree with some of the new rule changes is beside the point. Here is the strongest Rugby league competition in the world constantly looking to re invent itself. Well done.

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