NRL considers USA adventure

NRL head of game strategy and development Shane Richardson has suggested that the Australian competition could soon take a game to the United States.

Having seen Australia‘s rugby union side, the Wallabies, play against the USA in Chicago recently, Richardson believes that rugby league can offer Americans a better spectacle than the 15-man code.

“I think we have an enormous opportunity,” Richardson said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“What I’ m saying is that we have a real opportunity here to take the game to another level.

“What I’m really excited about is the media partners for the first time see rugby league as an international future.

“In the past as soon as you put up international rugby league you got bashed, ridiculed, but it’s actually a growth area of the game for us.

“We shouldn’t rule it out in any capacity.”

The potential game would probably have an international dimension to it, but could feature club sides.

“International matches, it’s club matches that we can look at,” Richardson added.

“That’s something to work through with the club and media partners.

“Having an international window at the end of the year gives us a real opportunity to do it.”

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