NRL confirms massive profit for 2018

The NRL has announced a surplus of $42.8 million on the back of increased broadcast, sponsorship and digital revenue.

Total consolidated revenue for the 2018 season was $499.9 million, a 40% increase from the $377m the game earned back in 2017 when the NRL recorded a $3.7m net loss and needed to seek a loan following the financial loss.

The broadcast revenue was $318m and non-broadcast revenue also grew by 21% or $30.9m last year, while costs were lower.

Besides the NRL’s new broadcast deal with Nine and Fox Sports, the main areas which were boosted were sponsorship and wagering – up from $73m in 2017 to $78.9m last year.

Digital revenue increased by $17m from $6.6m to $23.6m in 2018.

On the financial gains, ARLC chairman Peter Beattie said: “This is a great result in the first year of the new broadcast cycle.

“We are now a $500 million revenue business.

“To put that into perspective, in 2017 we were a $350 million revenue business, while the Comission was formed in 2012 our turnover was $180 million.

“This is extraordinary growth. And importantly as a result we have been able to deliver more money to clubs, states and grassroots rugby league than ever before.”

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