NRL ban James Graham using Vaseline


James Graham has been formally banned from applying vaseline to the back of his legs by the NRL.

Graham came under fire this week after he was seen on camera with his legs smothered in the petroleum jelly substance. It resulted in Titans prop Nate Myles rubbing the Vaseline in Graham’s face after completing a tackle during the Canterbury v Gold Coast match.

The tactic is designed to make Graham too slippery for opponents to tackle, and make the ball slippery for attackers with greasy hands.

NRL Director of Football Operations Nathan McGurk met with the Bulldogs’ chief executive Todd Greenburg this week to resolve the matter.

McGurk said: “James can continue putting Vaseline on his legs, as can every player, but he won’t be coating it on like he has been.

“It’s a very minor matter, and something that can be quickly resolved and we believe it has been.”

McGurk admitted Graham had not broken any rules, but he wanted to outlaw the practise as part of a commonsense approach.

He said: “There is nothing in the rules regarding it, but I have spoken to Todd and we’ve come to an agreement we are both comfortable with.”

Graham will be expected to compete in Canterbury’s next match against Cronulla Sharks at ANZ Stadium on Monday. The match will be televised on Premier Sports at 10am.


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