NRC Preview: Barrow v Blackpool

Jamie Rooney and Chris Young are both doubtful for the Raiders after suffering from a virus but Ned Catic, Liam Harrison and Rob Roberts are all fit and available for selection.

Barrow coach Steve McCormack said: “I watched Blackpool last week and I was very impressed with them.

“Martin Crompton has recruited very well and they’re a well-drilled team. He’s expecting big things from them this year and we’ll have to be ready for that.”

Blackpool coach Martin Crompton has doubts over David Best (shoulder), Kurt Haggerty (knee) and Andy Hobson (head) after last week’s defeat against Keighley.

“We’ll assess all three of them on Saturday morning,” said Crompton, “but at this stage I wouldn’t even say they were 50/50.”

Jonny Leather also remains sidelined as Crompton tries to plot the Panthers’ first Northern Rail Cup win of the year.

Crompton said: “Last week we were very good in the first half and average in the second half. I was disappointed with our discipline and we’ll have to improve against Barrow.

“They’re probably the best team outside of Super League so we know exactly what we’re up against.”

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